You Found a Porn Game!

Welcome to Route XXX! You can play right away by clicking the buttons below or read about the game some more on this page. Either way, enjoy your stay!

Pick Your Poison

A porn game, huh? Tell me more

What lies ahead is a porn game that you can play right away in your browser. It is completely free, there are no e-mail signups or any sort of that drag required. You are exactly one click away from jumping into action!

Now, if you are wondering what's this, here is a brief description. Route XXX is a game where you explore porn. You do that by navigating around the world where something random happens every corner. Most of the time that will be an adult video of course, but there are some things to spice that up! As this could prove to be quite an adventure you were smart enough to bring your Bag of Holding. Your mom packed it with so many items that you barely have any space left in it, but you can still fit some stuff there. Hopefully.

Make your own Route of XXX in this porn game

You are going to be collecting tags. This is going to sound like rocket science, so pay close attention: the videos you find are going to be based on your tags. You've found the tag that is your biggest kink? Good news for you, all the upcoming videos will be in that category. Until you throw that tag away. Did I mention you can combine them too? At most 3 tags though, you really have little space left in your bag.

Why should I play this game?

This game is definitely not your everyday adult tube experience. You don't get much to choose from and you don't have full control over the categories. You are going to focus on each porn video way more, and you might realize you are into something that you never expected!

Lastly - just so you know - the game is actively under development. New features are to be added as well as a huge amount of new content. Make sure you check back every now and then to see what's new!